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Seeking a new job is often difficult, but making a positive career move improves your happiness overnight. I would know having found my dream job with an online job search website. The best part about posting your resume online is that companies can find you. You cannot find that going from door 1 to door 2! Never before was it this easy to find the perfect profession for you. There are top notch sites like Resume Rabbit that will post your resume on mulitple sites instantly. Other sites like Resume Edge will ensure that your job application is not forgotten. Nothing brings excitement more than checking your account online and seeing that a great company wants to bring you in for an interview.

Key Concept
You probably expect to see huge names like Google or Yahoo on this list, but the companies below more than exceeded expectations. Every website reviewed in this comparison contains updated job listings in just about every category or location you could desire. Breaking down categories helps you narrow down your online job search. It's a great feeling to find precisely what you are searching for.

It's best to begin with an online career website that is the most active. This provides you with the greatest opportunities and best chances of discovering and applying for your perfect job. The best thing is these sites will easily let you post your resume for free, your career is waiting!

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They are #1 for a reason, THE MOST JOBS. And the highest success rate. Also very easy to use and established name.

Submits your resume before your competition. A resume coming from Monster is professional.

One Click submissions

New and innovative service. Most innovative service for searching jobs, helps you organize and compare with ease.

9.50 / 10



resume rabbit buttonResumeRabbit

You instantly have your resume on all the major career search websites. They are extremely thorough, fast, and very easy to use. Cleanly designed website for your job search.

Extremely Effective/Most Exposure

The Top Choice.
Resume Rabbit will ensure the biggest number of employers see your resume. Their service is easy, fast. and saves you significant amounts of time.
9.90 / 10




Efficient membership process, just enter your email to begin. Superb customer service plus advice. Very Professional focus. High Paying Jobs/Quality Positions and large numbers of them Best Choice for qualified professionals.
This service offers a lot of high paying jobs for professionals looking to move up in their industry or switch careers
9.70 / 10



Work TreeWork Tree

Large volume of job listings utilizing their proprietary career search engines. Very precise search results with a great variety of career positions. Advanced Searching ability and Time Saver Huge record of success from 1999. Access to career information and tips that are not commonly available on competitor's sites 8.9 / 10




Simple and effective email system. Easy to use and free. Rapidly growing in popularity for job search comparison. Simplicity/ Convenience Great for localized jobs.
Great response time and the most simple to use.
8.7 / 10


Bonus:  Need Resume Help or Salary Advice?

resume edgeResume Edge

The fastest way to create a professional resume. Easy to follow instructions and excellent ideas and phrases. Increased response/ More Interviews Necessary for a professional resume.
Professional editing service that will help ensure your resume is on the top of the stack during your job search.
9.2 / 10


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Last, the Job Man says

"In your job search, move towards your new job, instead of away from your current or old one."

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